I have known Nikki throughout her nursing career and was aware of how much she loved her job and the professionalism she carried. I had been curious about having Botox since 2015 after developing severe frown lines. I presume these were caused by the sunlight and always working with a PC. These ageing lines were starting to knock my confidence and I was beginning to look angry all the time. When I learnt that Nikki had established her aesthetics service, I gave some serious thought to giving it a go. After all, I would only be happy trusting Nikki with my face! I chose Botox, which I had in my forehead and above my eyebrows. I love that my eyes now appear bigger, my eyebrows are shaped better and I generally look younger.  I love that I still have plenty of facial expression. The pain was minimal, the procedure was very quick and there were no side effects. I love it and I’ll be having it again and again! It’s knocked years off me for sure. People comment on my age and they are knocking at least 5 years off! Once Nikki had worked her magic on me I saw the results within days. It means I can wake up in the morning and look fresh, something I hadn’t even realised had left me. I just Love it! I look like me again!! : )

Kelly - Burnley