As a man, I was sceptical about having aesthetic treatment and concerned about losing facial expression, but after noticing deep lines forming at the corner of my eyes, running down the side of my face, and cringing at any photos which caught my side profile, I decided to give it a go. The treatment was painless and Nikki explained exactly what she was doing and what effect it would achieve. Nikki also suggested a course of Botox for my very deep frown lines which were visible even when not frowning, so I decided to trust her judgment and went for it. The results were amazing and exactly what I’d hoped for. I look about 5 years younger and notice the difference every morning when I look in the mirror. Colleagues and friends have commented on how well I look but nobody has guessed that I’ve had Botox. My only regret is that I did not try it sooner because I now know it works as a preventative for wrinkles by relaxing the muscles and reducing their impact on the skin. My concerns about having a frozen face were completely unfounded and I still have a full range of facial expression while looking fresher and younger. Thank you Nikki!

Rob - Lancaster